Patino-Rodrigue, Judith

Judith Patino-Rodrigue — Advertising sales and marketing executive, Judith Patino-Rodrigue, is an author, certified professional and life coach, instructor, and training and development specialist who helps individuals reach their goals through proven processes and practices. Her career includes providing solutions to clients and helping individuals identify and eliminate beliefs that stop them from finding their inner happiness and achieving success.

While employed at DHL Worldwide Express and Nortel Networks, Judith developed and delivered soft skills training programs throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean, both in English and Spanish.  She recently resigned from her Local Sales Manager position at Spanish Broadcasting System to pursue her coaching, revive her training and development career, and launch The Skills Masters, a web-based career, and personal development company.

Having coached everyone from those at the top of their game to those suffering in their darkest days, Judith is acutely aware that one’s attitude truly does define them. It may sound like a simple admission but, as seen time and time again, it’s all too easy to let negativity creep into the psyche and start throttling back on life’s dreams.  She expands on this knowledge in her powerful and truly life-changing new book, Pick Me. Patino-Rodrigue equips readers from all walks of life with all they need to discover and embrace their own “winning attitude”; a bold new way of thinking that brings a life more prosperous and joyful than anyone could imagine.

Patino-Rodrigue augments her coaching, training, and workshops by building confidence among audiences of all ages so they can better perceive who people truly are, focus on themselves, and strengthen their personal growth whether financial, spiritual, or professional.

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